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On the Iraq-Jordan border with a convoy of journalists heading for Baghdad after the fall of Saddam in 2003

After years as a left-wing activist in Britain, I moved to France in 1993.

I have worked for Radio France Internationale in English since 1994 (the views expressed on this blog do not reflect the views of my employer) and have covered current events in France, Asia and the rest of the world for RFI.

I have also done freelance work for a variety of media, notably Free Speech Radio News in the US.

You can see – and in some case hear – some of my reports and analyses for RFI if you click on the hyperlinks here:

Afghanistan2001, 2004 and other events

Afghanistanpresidential election 2009

AfPak 2010 – War, politics and Wikileaks

AfghanistanPeople of Kabul (slideshow)

Afghanistan – Hidden beauty of  a wartorn country (slideshow)

PakistanEnd of Musharraf 2007, election 2008

PakistanGeneral election 2013 

Israel’s offensive on Gaza 2009

Turkeypresidential election 2014 

France The Charlie Hebdo attacks

FranceSarkozy’s party faces legal challenge over calling itself The Republicans

French presidential electionsthe voters speak (slideshow)

FranceCould Sarkozy be French president again?

FranceHas Marine Le Pen made the Front National respectable?

France – burka ban

France No it’s not illegal to work after 6pm in France

France-US relations under François Hollande

US-ChinaObama’s Pacific Century a challenge to China

The world’s going to endbut not today 

ArtExhibitions in Paris February-September 2015

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